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May 12, 2009

MyBrute Manager

. May 12, 2009

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MyBrute Manager adds extra options to help you play My Brute including:

* Quickly navigate between your brutes from either their cell's or arena pages
* Buttons to perform common tasks, like adding or deleting brutes, adding or deleting enemies, visiting opponents' cells, or attacking other brutes. The buttons dynamically appear when their function is appropriate.
* Adds the percentage to level-up on the experience bar.
* A quick-fight button in the cell to challenge a random opponent without having to go the arena
* The ability to skip watching the animations of those quick-fights
* Automatically register your brutes in the daily tournaments.
* In the arena, adds a link to the cell of each presented opponent, so you can check them out first
* Manage a list of your enemies. Either to keep track of them, or to give your brutes priority in attacking your enemies instead of attacking random brutes.
* The Manager automatically collects all the information about your brutes, including their level, progress towards level-up, victories, pupils, and Tournament Ranking.
* A configuration page that lets you turn options on or off, and manually edit your brute and enemy lists
* The configuration page also functions as a Brute Summary page so you can see and compare all your brutes statistics.
* The configuration page also automatically runs the Experience Lookup tool on all your brutes so you can see how many experience points they need to Level-Up!

MyBrute Manager

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