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April 10, 2009 Hosting Your Files For Free, Make Money Online

. April 10, 2009

File-hosting has become a trend on the Internet. At this time many sites offer this service, but if you use service, you can also make money online.

How many files can be stored in
This far does not restrict the amount of stored files (upload files), or in other words unlimited. You can also save several files at once with ‘Multi Upload’ facility.

Can I save any file?
All files can be stored, such as documents, songs (MP3), video, and photos. also provides folder feature, where you can divide your files based on category you want. In addition, also available albums to store images, songs and video.

How much can I get from will pay you after you reach the minimum income $10 or worth of download 10,000 times (must be unique IP) from one or several files. Uses Paypal payment. Payments will be processed on 10th every month.

What are the other advantages using service?
If you are a remote-worker (work on many places), sometimes forget to bring your flashdrive, file-hosting solutions such as is appropriate. You can upload the file that you use often (if it is an important file you can zip it and use password to extract), so that if you need your file, you only need a computer and Internet connection only.

In addition used as backup facilities from they who do not have a large storage, or just as a secondary backup, a prevention steps when the main data accidentally damaged, lost or erased.

Is there any affiliate programs on provide affiliate programs. You will get a bonus $0.1 when reffering to your friend. Bonus will be awarded directly after your referral upload at least one file.

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